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Portal Crane Servicing

Portal cranes are usually used in open areas, in areas where closed shed is not needed, or in closed areas

Usage areas; Open field iron stock areas, marbles, container stocking areas, open area steel construction producers, open area prefabricated construction elements, forest products stocks, ports, shipbuilding, shipyards ...

Since portal cranes are cranes that can be used without any building structure, they can be considered as an economic solution. And they provide great facilities.

Portal Cranes are offered to the customers with Single Beam and Double Beam options as they are in the roof cranes.

More than one lifting group can be used on the same bridge, and different solutions can be applied by adapting the monorail lifting group under the crane bridges.

Cranes can be controlled by push buttons that move along the beam, as well as by remote control.

Portal cranes that are specifically preferred for open areas generally come in three models.

Portal Cranes with Double-Beam Bridge

Portal Cranes with Double-Beam Bridge are preferred and used in serious manners in every branch of the industry due to their cost, ease of maintenance and repair, lack of capacity limit, lack of size limit, design and production in desired specifications are possible.

It is possible to achieve higher loading heights when compared to Portal Cranes with Single - Beam Bridge.

Although Portal Cranes with Double-Beam Bridge are generally used outside sites, they are also used in in-facility operations. For closed sites of the facilities, they are a good alternative to overhead travelling roof cranes.

Today, these cranes are used in areas from iron and steel sector to shipbuilding, marble and stone quarry, loading and unloading containers from storage.

Portal Cranes with Single-Beam Bridge

Portal Cranes with Single-Beam Bridge have established themselves in many applications in everyday simple applications in the industry.

They are more serial, more cost-effective and space saving when compared to portal cranes with double-beam bridge. They are mostly used over a bench or for a specific purpose.

Portal Cranes with Single-Beam Bridge are basically preferred for short bridge openings.

Nevertheless, there is no limit in terms of measures, sizes and capacity for manufacturability. However, they are more preferred in places where the axle distance is less (15 m short). They can be made of sheet box or beam, or cage construction.

Portal Cranes with Single-Beam Bridge can be manufactured as protrusive or non-protrusive.

They may be assembled in-factory or factory-to-field in outdoor or indoor areas.

They are used in many areas from iron and steel to rolling mills, machinery production sites, marble quarries and storage sites.

Semi - Portal Cranes

Semi Portal Cranes are usually installed on the facades of buildings and are used for the purpose of evaluating the idle space in the factory garden.

If the building structure is suitable, use of a Semi-Portal Crane is both more cost-effective and easy-to-use when compared to Full Portal Cranes or Overhead Travelling Cranes.

One side of these cranes run on the gussets as a Roof Crane, while the other side runs on ground as with Portal Cranes. They pose no problem in terms of reliability and usage.

They are basically a complicated form of Overhead Travelling Cranes and Portal Cranes.

We provide customer satisfaction-oriented services, ensuring design, manufacturing and assembly according to all requests and needs of our customers. It is possible to customize manufacturing with desired capacities and features.

All design, engineering, manufacturing and technical services of the Portal Crane are provided by us.
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